Small Radios Big Televisions and One Mind Blowing Plot Twist

Adult Swim Games has surprised us again! On November 8th, 2016 Adult Swim Games slipped award winner, Small Radios Big Televisions, into Steam in collaboration with Fire Face Studios. While most gamers and viewers would expect anything from Adult Swim to be bizarre, highly comedic, or just seriously messed up, this is not at all the case with Small Radios Big Televisions.  What’s even more unexpected is a heavy plot twist that will leave you in an overly accomplished shock.


Small Radios Big Televisions is a very beautifully designed point and click adventure puzzle game which revolves around collecting green orbs within other worldly scenes hidden in old experimental cassettes. The gameplay itself even involves scrambling and manipulating the audio-visual data found on various cassettes to seek out these orbs.


Between exploring and orb collecting, both the puzzles and the gameplay itself shift in directions that keep this game both compelling and incredibly mysterious. Small Radios Big Televisions takes places between a series of locked warehouses and what we can only assume to be a base transmission tower. Where it is the players job to unlock each warehouse collecting and placing all orbs. Each warehouse has a puzzle themed around different types of power including water and clockwork power.


What’s interesting with this game however, is that the driving story only happens between each warehouse through listening to a set of pre-recorded radio transmissions with missing words. Essentially players are completely left in the dark until the very end. What makes this game so amazing is that the entire game hinders on the plot twist and the paradigm shift that occurs in the puzzles and gameplay throughout the game.


According to the Fire Face this game is “inspired by the feeling of playing an old cassette tape found in a basement, combined with the atmosphere of urban exploration”. Which would explain how some of the cassette parallels become wildly disturbing after a scramble or two. I won’t subject you to that here, so if you want to see how eerily creepy this game can get, you’ll have to play for yourself!


Without spoiling any of the surprises, all we can say is that the story and over all feel of this game is amazing! There were some goofs here and there with the mechanics so if you are playing from a laptop an external mouse would be highly suggested. Overall this game deserves a 5 star rating and has been wildly under rated! For that, we thank you Fire Face and Adult Swim Games!

Small Radios Big Televisions is available for purchase through Steam and PlayStation 4. Or you can buy it directly from the Small Radios Big Televisions website. If you would like to check out Small Radios Big Televisions before buying you can always check out Unmedicated and Dysfunctional‘s full gameplay here!


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2 thoughts on “Small Radios Big Televisions and One Mind Blowing Plot Twist

  1. I loved this game. The puzzles were simple enough to not frustrate but challenging enough to satisfy. I love how the tapes became more distorted but the finale was a little irritating due to its slowness of movement.


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