Status Update : I no longer have a home console to game on.

EEK! YOWZERS! HOLY GUACAMOLE! It’s been a very long time since I last posted something on here! How have you all been? The last time I posted on here was almost 5 months ago. I had just brought my brand new shiny Nintendo Switch home! I got really sucked into Breath Of The Wild there for a little bit, and to be honest that game is so damn good that I found it extremely difficult to even say anything about it that hasn’t already been said a million times.

Unfortunately I was only able to play with my Switch for about 3 weeks. Our house was broken into and ransacked by a thief, and among the things that turned up missing were not only my Nintendo Switch, but literally every other gaming console (and game) that I owned. All that they left behind for me was a few empty game boxes, an HDMI cable and Guitar Hero Live which is apparently not even good enough to steal. Luckily (and most importantly) no one was home during the robbery and us and our kitties were not harmed and are all safe! I haven’t had much of anything to write about since, I’ve been feeling despondant about losing all my stuff in one fell swoop and frankly life without video games kind of sucks for me. I know that sounds really dramatic and whiny, but seriously I get bored having nothing to keep me entertained after work. I suffer from Crohn’s disease and I’ve found that gaming helps divert my attention from my sore stomach and nausea – it’s something to keep me occupied while I’m feeling awful and it is something that I absolutly love to do with every bit of freetime I have available. I work outside all day in the blistering heat so by the time I get home all I want to do is take a shower, kiss my girlfriend, hug my kittens and go to bed. My girlfriend was awesome enough to buy me a *new* 2DS XL for our anniversary which has indeed kept me entertained – Nintendo was able to remotely transfer my eshop purchases for me which worked out quite well. I will say – that whole thing seems a bit archaic but I’m grateful they gave me the games I paid them for… I will be sharing my thoughts on that cool little piece of gear very soon! – but aside from the Monster  Hunter Stories and Hey! Pikmin demos, I have not had the opportunity to play anything current for a very long time and it’s kind of driving me nuts watching all these games come out that I can’t be apart of. I know it probably sounds silly, but coming home and realizing that everything you own of value just walked out the door is an awful feeling on so many levels…some strange person was in our home while we were gone! On top of that, I won’t be able to replace any of those consoles for a very long time.

Yesterday I decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to replace the Switch that was stolen from me so I could experience games like Sonic Mania (oh boy I wanna play that sooo bad) and Super Mario Odysee when that comes out. I’m going to leave a link to my campaign here (above and below) and I promise you’ll never hear about it again. I also wrote a more semi-detailed account of what happened when we came home. I know there are a whole lot of causes far more deserving than mine right now, the world is a pretty scary place. I realize I’m not entitled to or owed anything in this life, but if I could just replace my Switch I’d be an incredibly happy man. Please don’t judge me, I apologize in advance if this is obnoxius. For those of you who are feeling generous enough to donate though, no matter what the amount, I will have a handwritten letter with something awesome attached to it (made by me, thee worst artist to walk this earth) espcially for you as a show of my appreciation. I wish I had more to give, and hopefully someday I will! I apologize again for the shameless promotion here, I just really thought it might be worth a shot! I swear I’m not a bum or a mooch, I do work very hard for a living and I have never asked for something like this in my entire life – I really just want to be able to play Nintendo games on my television again. I loved that console so much, out of all the hardware that went missing that day, the Switch was the one that hurt me the most. How I got the thing was pretty bonkers, I have a really funny story about the week before it launched. It also had sentimental value; when my girlfriend saw how happy it made me that I was going to be able to get one after all she even pitched in on the console, 1-2 Switch and a super cool carrying case for the tablet. I had a nasty fever that night and she checked in on me while I stood in line to make sure I was okay and despite feeling like wet garbage covered in mildew, I look back on that night fondly. I really hope I can replace. Thanks for reading this – from here on out I will only be writing about video games; 3DS games for the most part until I figure a console situation out, but regardless I am excited to start blogging and participating in the WordPress community again.

Thanks so much, please wish me luck!

Jason Wallingford

Jason’s GoFundMe

4 thoughts on “Status Update : I no longer have a home console to game on.

  1. That’s terrible. Growing up I was robbed a couple times. The latter robbery, they took my entire comic book collection, which was my pride and joy for a young teen. Good that everybody was safe. Don’t let this deter you from enjoying life one bit!


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I am feeling much better these days. I have been sleeping with one eye open since that happened but it has motivated us to take extra precautions when leaving the house and I have a whole new appreciation for my belongings now. I’m mostly just thankful that my girlfriend and my cats weren’t harmed at all!

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  2. Sorry to hear about the robbery. Having your place invaded, ransacked, and stolen from is a terrible feeling indeed. Good luck getting back on your feet.


    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! I’m very grateful that no one was harmed but it’s definitely a creepy feeling knowing that people are out there just walking into other people’s homes; I hope whoever it was at least got to enjoy our stuff hah! Things are looking up though, somehow my go fund me campaign was a success – now I am trying to think of something positive I can do for our community to pay forward the kindness that was shown to me!

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