Welcome to Hanwell, Hell on Earth!

Welcome to Hanwell is an open world psychological thriller created by Nathan Seedhouse and his team. This game will launch later this year and is already greenlit and ready to go on Steam with a playable teaser already out

The Story:

HCPP (Hanwell Council of Public Protection) is an organization that was created to keep its Hanwell safe when their worst nightmares become a reality. Now that HCPP has fallen, monsters are once again terrorizing Hanwell.

The trailer starts off in a prison where you, as a cell mate, have somehow been given the freedom to roam around as your cell slowly opens. I imagine that in the trailer they are not releasing a lot of the jump scares as to keep that a surprise for the actual game since the atmosphere is the scariest part of the teaser.

This game has the potential to be incredibly horrifying with an atmosphere that resembles Outlast, and monsters that appear to be unnaturally twisted humans. The teaser does leave you hanging in a point that makes the player have to wonder: Are we Human? Or are we Monster?

Check out Unmedicated & Dysfunctional‘s Let’s Play and let us know if this is a game you would be interested in having a full play through of.

You can read more about Welcome to Hanwell by visiting the creators page on itchio here: https://nathanseedhouse.itch.io/welcome-to-hanwell-

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Hanwell, Hell on Earth!

    1. Haha it actually wasnt yok big of a file. Not for the teaser anyway. I’m on a laptop 😛 the video should be up in about 40 minutes! The upload is taking a really long time for some reason :/

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