Uh-Oh! Apple Messed Up Again, Thank Goodness for PowerUp!

The MacBook Pro may look pretty with its new display technology and sensor bar, however Apple decided to take a risky leap that’s turning away avid laptop users. That’s right, Apple decided to remove ALL USB PORTS! That means no more external backups, device syncing, or external file storage. Luckily there is a solution!

Thanks to the innovators at Homey Team, you can now replace your MacBook Pro charger with a more compact charger that includes three USB-A 3.0 ports and a USB-C 3.1 cord that’s already integrated into the device and snaps back in for a sleek and easy to carry charger.


PowerUp not only fixes the problem Apple has created, but it also replaces all other wall chargers! Because PowerUp can plug into any wall and lend three available USB ports, you can easily plug in any other device to charge. Which can literally save you hundreds of dollars!


Another plus to PowerUp is that you don’t need to charge your computer to be able to use the USB ports. The fast 5 GB data bandwidth allows you to quickly transfer files or sync your devices with your MacBook Pro. Although the battery life on the Pro is so low that it’s probably suggested to keep it plugged into the wall anyway.

So let’s review! PowerUp is a MacBook Pro charger and USB hub made for any AC power cord that is easy to use, easy to travel with, replaces all wall cords which saves you hundreds, and utilizes high speed data for file transfers and device charging.

PowerUp is so awesome that it wasn’t made for the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Pro was made for PowerUp. For that, we thank you Homey Team! Check out the PowerUp indiegogo page now and support these awesome innovators!


3 thoughts on “Uh-Oh! Apple Messed Up Again, Thank Goodness for PowerUp!

  1. Switching to USB-C is one of the Apple “bold moves” that I fully agree with. Yes, USB-A still has some life left in it, but C is the new standard. Also, it’s just better in every way. Now, if only they would swap out their Lightning port on the iPhone with a USB-C one.

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    1. I have to disagree with you on that one only because all of my recording equiptment is USB A. Its hard to find studio quality equiptment like a Yeti that isnt. The new macbook pro only has 2 thunderbolt ports. As a creator I wouldn’t be able to use my camera, my mic, any external storage without a converter which wouldnt work for streaming. That being said though you could probably take my words with a grain of salt since I’m probably biased. I generally strongly dislike the apple company anyway from an ethical stand point.


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