Hide the Kids, IT’s Back – IT (2017)

Today the official teaser for IT (2017) hit YouTube. This is one reboot classic horror fans are wildly excited for!

Stepehen King’s critically acclaimed novel It had it’s first run on tv back in 1990 as a two part series featuring Tim Curry as Pennywise. While the pace of the original series was a little slow and drawn out, it was never the less horrifying for children all across the world.

Bill Skarsgard who is known for his role on the hit Netflix series, Hemlock Grove as Roman Godfrey, is leading this remake as the great Pennywise himself. While people were skeptical at first and a little disappointed that Tim Curry is not continuing the role, it looks like Bill Skarsgard has really upped the fear factor. We still hope that Tim Curry will at least make a cameo as someone telling the Pennywise tale.

The footage released this morning is visually very stunning. So far it looks like the remake is sticking pretty true to the original, which is always appreciated for such an iconic story.

Pennywise emerges again in the US on September 8th 2017, in the meantime check out the official trailer released by Warner Brothers. Will this movie float or sink? “BEEP BEEP Richie! They all float down here.”

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