Life (2017) The Unexpected SciFi that May Actually Break You

Life (2017) is this years star studded scifi featuring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Hitoyuki Sanada, Olga Dihovichnaya, and Ariyon Bakare. This film is highly anticipated, and rightly so!


Life starts out with a team of scientists drifting Earth’s orbit. They extract and conduce experiments on a single celled organism found on mars. After weeks of experimentation this new life form grows rapidly, learns even faster, and becomes a threat to the ships crew. Can they keep it away from Earth long enough to save the human species? It turns out, ‘We were better off alone’.


While the synopsis sounds like your pretty typical of the shelf scifi alien movie, this film is actually so much more than that. The production alone is genius, as director Daniel Espinoza carefully framed and set up every detail. So when you do see this film make sure you take note of everything he shows you because it’s all incredibly important to the story.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick also made some very clever twists that were impossible to see coming, even though they basically tell you what is going to happen from the beginning. From shot one they give you hints into how everything will play out and they are hidden so well into plain sight that only after seeing the film and thinking back, can you really appreciate it.

While gore is expected, this film is definitely not for the faint of heart. This film literally goes from 0-10 in a blink and then jumps back down to a 3 so fast that you don’t have time to process what’s happening. Part of what makes this film so gruesome is how incredibly accurate the sounds and actions are. Even the deep space science in this film was pretty up to par with how things actually work and could possibly go in this particular situation.

To be honest, the alien actually starts out pretty cute! It’s as if Robbin William’s Flubber procreated with a starfish that grows into an intricate killing machine. . . which I guess isn’t too far from Flubber’s destructive personality to begin with.

Unmedicated & Dysfunctional rates this film a Must See for its incredibly clever clue plot, unpredictable twists, roller coaster pacing, and an end that gives you exactly what you want. For that we thank you!

2 thoughts on “Life (2017) The Unexpected SciFi that May Actually Break You

    1. You know, I thought about that too but it’s actually just it’s really good own thing. Although they could totally make a sequel.


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