Emily is Away – Don’t Have Real Life Friends? Well You Can’t Have Fake One’s Either.

Emily is Away is a 30 minute nostalgic instant messenger game that takes you back through the early 2000’s with a sequel coming out in May and a phenomenal review grade. While it’s really fun to be placed back in time on old messenger platforms, don’t be fooled. This is in no way a feel good game. In fact, it will remind you of all of the horror that was high school drama as well as the fact that even your computer doesn’t want to be your friend.

To be honest, after playing, we’re still not completely sure what this game is about. It plays like a chat bot with limited reply choices and in the beginning seems like a tasked game with the responsibility of taking care of someone with depression. This game does do a really great job of making the player feel a connection with the A.I. (Emily) which is not at all an easy task. However, no matter what you choose to do or say, that relationship crumbles and becomes incredibly uncomfortable. As if it wasn’t enough to experience that in real life, now you can experience it again as an adult in virtual life.

Are we excited for the sequel? We aren’t really sure yet. We can’t say this game felt good the first time around. Check out Unmedicated & Dysfunctional’s game play and let us know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Emily is Away – Don’t Have Real Life Friends? Well You Can’t Have Fake One’s Either.

  1. It certainly gave me the feels towards the end. I considered it as a teen “choose your own adventure” book rather than a game. There was a certain nostalgia aspect for me too in terms of the different eras it was set in over time which was nice.

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      1. That is a problem with this type of game. You don’t REALLY have any control, just the illusion of it. So by the end nothing that you did mattered at all. I’m sure the game would argue that that’s because “the relationship was never meant to be”, but that’s just an excuse.

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