Yay! Nintendo Switch!

Of course I come down with the flu just hours before it’s time to go pick up my Nintendo Switch, but hey, I made it! I don’t know how far I’ll get tonight – I am pretty beat and I feel like walking human garbage in the sun. (Insert frowning emoji) I must say, seeing the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild was kind of a trip, the whole thing felt strangely ironic. I’d love to post some more pictures and first impressions tonight, but that might have to wait til tomorrow. I need some rest  but I wanted to show off all my cool new stuff! 

7 thoughts on “Yay! Nintendo Switch!

  1. I was one of the “lucky” people to not get their Switch on time from Amazon. It sat in a warehouse 20 miles south of my apartment for the entirety of launch day. Oh well. I got it the next day and managed to get a $50 refund from Amazon customer service.

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    1. Josh was telling me about that, I’m glad you got it semi on time at least! I almost feel bad seeing people aren’t getting their pre orders, I basically just showed up to GameStop early and got one. Haven’t been able to enjoy it that much though, I’ve been stuck in bed with the flu ever since


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