Dysfunctional Reviews: Buried

This review is going to seem incredibly harsh, but there’s nothing I hate more than an interactive story game riddled with poor grammar, spelling errors, and idiotic choices. Normally I would ignore spelling and grammar errors because I know that a lot of these games are translated, and errors do happen. However, this game was written and distributed by an American company in. . . you guessed it, English.

Buried: An Interactive Story created by Bromoco Games was released on January 21, 2016 and is the first game that I am unable to for my channel Unmedicated & Dysfunctional. In fact, I would willingly saw the webbing between my fingers and toes via paper cut over finishing the last two chapters of this abomination.

While the reviews for this game on Steam are overall very positive, I beg to differ. Buried is available on Steam for $2.99 and I have heard a lot of gamers say that you can’t expect much from a cheap game, and have thus lowered thier standards. However, I am going to hold the same standards to this game that I have been to every other game because price does not determine quality.

Here’s the story:

Roger Hastings wakes up in a logging site he manages after what seems to be an explosion that has left most of his crew dead or missing. In search of answers, Roger and the only other crew member he could find, waltzes right into a top secret government facility with zero security issues. They soon find out that this particular facility harbors inter-dimensional beings with a taste for human blood.

The story is a little far fetched mostly because of how easy it was to just walk right into a top secret government facility because of a “power outage”, but it is a story so we will ignore the unrealistics. Fiction is fiction for a reason, right? What I can’t ignore is the poor choices they allow us to make. You can either advance the story or ask a question that will specifically give you the same exact information that you literally read two lines before. Sometimes all you can do is ask for old information. . . or ask for old information. The story was highly predictable, incredibly repetitive, and lacks overall innovation. I mean come on, this story is basically the Travis Walton UFO incident placed in an underground facility.

But hey, let’s go ahead and dive into the typos! Mistakes happen, I get it, but if I was releasing a game that relied heavily on the written word, I would have had at least five people triple check my literation. Is there an editor on board who knows the difference between whale (n. animal) and wail (v. cry of pain or grief)? I bet all of those errors could make a whale wail! See that awful pun I just made? Yeah, that was better than anything you will read in Buried.

I will give them credit for the images they made and the audio they used. The atmosphere created by the sounds they used were very clever and the images created nice breaks between story. That being said, that was about all the good feedback I could give it.

Unmedicated & Dysfunctional cannot rate this game due to it remaining forever unfinished and uninstalled, but we can give it our first ever smartass review. And for that, we thank you Bromoco Games.

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