Dysfunctional Reviews: Moirai

Moirai – (Greek) White robbed apporitioners or fates who control everything from birth to death. Destiny.

Moirai is an indie pixel horror created by Chris Johnson, Brad Barrett, and John Oestmann available on steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The atmosphere of this highly rated game alone is enough to send chills down your spine, but the twists and turns will leave you anxiously waiting to hear your fate.

The Story:

You find yourself in a quiet and humble farm town. As you go from home to home and speak with various characters, including a priest, you discover that a woman by the name of Julia has gone missing. Although Julia’s disappearance seems irrelevant at the time of discovery, you will soon find that her whereabouts and your actions will ultimately determine your fate. As you are given a small knife and a gas lamp to venture into the darkness of a mining cave outside of town, secrets unfold. Will you become one of the caves secrets? Or will you make it back out alive? Unfortunately the choice is not up to you. Only the next player can decide if you will ever see the light again.

Why We Love It:

What is really unique about this game is that current players are tricked into interacting with previous players without even knowing it. During the game you able to ask a series of questions to an unknown character who may or may not be covered in blood. After reading over these questions you are given two options. You can stab this character, or you can let them pass by and leave the mining cave. As you could imagine, it would be a little creepy to find someone covered in blood roaming around a dark mining cave alone. So every response that character gives is pretty important if they want to leave. This becomes incredibly important however as right after meeting this character you hit a huge twist and upon leaving run into another completely new character who asks you a series of oddly familiar questions.

Unmedicated and Dysfunctional rates this game a 4/5 for simplicity, spooky atmosphere, and unexpected game play innovation. This is truly a unique experience that is short enough for everyone to enjoy without having to actually commit to, which makes this a great starter game for people outside of the gaming community, and for that we thank everyone behind Moirai.

Curious about the big twist? Play Moirai on Steam now!


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