Dark Souls II Diary 04

Where did I leave off? Ah yes, “bat shit crazy”…I’m gonna go ahead and dial that one back a little bit, because I’ve progressed quite a bit further and that “bat shit crazy” thing turned out to not be that big of a deal after all.

This has been one hell of a tough week for me, sadly I’ve been coping with the loss of two people very dear to me, and I haven’t felt much like writing. That being said, Dark Souls II has become my comfort food and I will always appreciate this game for helping me through such a trying time.

Heide’s Tower of Flame turned out to be a bit much for me when last I left off so I decided to turn around and make my way back through The Forest of Fallen Giants. This woodland labyrinth was a little bit more my speed, but still proved to be a challenge. I’m starting to notice that each mob, no matter how basic, behaves kind of like a miniature boss who poses its own unique threat. Anything that wants to kill you needs to be taken seriously, and I really like that! One mob may seem like an easy task, but when four of five of them come swinging at you, it’s best to be patient and use caution.

Eventually I made my way to The Last Giant, which serves as DS2’s “tutorial boss” and I have to admit I was a little disappointed by how easy it was for me to take him down. Entering the mist door and watching that cinematic was enough to get my blood pumping though. I have spent so much time just wandering aimlessly in this game with no real sense of direction and it felt good knowing I was finally on to something here. Here’s how that fight went, spoilers though! 

Now that wasn’t so bad! Back to Majula I go to spend all those shiny new souls! While I was in The Forest of Fallen Giants I ran into an old travelling merchant who sold me a key to unlock the local blacksmith’s door, and I also found a nifty longsword that just so happens to be on fire! I’ll end my journal here, I’ve made much more progress since this boss fight and I’m excited to show off all my accomplishments. I said I’m going to finish this game and I feel like I am well on my way to doing just that! Or at least I’m confident that I can, rather. Thanks for reading, until next time!

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