Dysfunctional Reviews – Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine is an indie game created by TheMeatly on gamejolt. This game is available for download on PC, Mac, and Linux for donations. Bendy and the Ink Machine features old timey cartoon characters and a peek into the world of behind the scenes ink cartoon mastery. Don’t be fooled though, Bendy and the Ink Machine is indeed a puzzle horror game.


One morning, Henry receives an invitation to come back to the cartoon drawing room from friend and old co-worker Joey Drew. Upon arrival Henry finds the old workplace to be completely abandoned and  broken down. He stumbles upon several strange rooms and finds a new ink machine that he for some reason feels compelled to fix. Why? I have no idea, because I would have split faster than a banana in a sundae.

Bendy and the Ink Machine features a very unique style in atmosphere that is like a jump back to the 30’s with remnants of what feels like the original steam boat willy cartoons. This game is starts out by guiding the player with objectives. When those objectives disappear all of the sudden half way through the player can’t help but feel lost and stressed or freaked out.

Unmedicated and Dysfunctional rates Bendy and the Ink Machine 3.5/5 stars  for creative plot, great atmosphere with warped music, and for the clever use of fake jump scares that make the real jump scares scarier. The only thing we would suggest changing would be the start out view. This game starts out with an incredible amount of blur and although this is easy to fix in the menu, those first few minutes of running around without being able to see can be a bit frustrating.


Don’t forget to head to gamejolt and send a donation to Bendy and the Ink Machine so that we can see an even better chapter two!

12 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Reviews – Bendy and the Ink Machine

  1. Wow, that blurriness is creepy. I hate those dreams where I can’t see clearly and no matter how hard I try, seeing just doesn’t work.

    I’m not too into horror games. I could only play Dead Space 2 when my wife AND our dog were both available for emotional support. lol.

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    1. Aw! Yeah one thing I like about this one is that its cartoony enough to almost be a childs game. The scares weren’t too bad though. There were maybe one or two that really had me jumbled but nothing that sticks with you like resident evil! I’m a big baby too.

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      1. Glad I’m not the only one, haha. This game looks cool though. I might have to give it a try when I can wittle away at my library of unplayed games. I finally got to Papers, Please. I bought that last summer. :/

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      2. It’s a sim game where you are a border control agent in a dystopian communist dictatorship. You accept and deny people visas in a story mode that gets continually more difficult and morally ambiguous I couldn’t stop playing the little indie game as my morbid curiosity pushed me on and the fact that it’s design is absolutely genius. It’s up there with Rhoher’s Gravitation, Undetale and others with great creativity and execution. Right now it’s $10 on Steam. It’ll go on sale for less probably not too far in the future. Highly, highly suggest it.

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