Dysfunctional Reviews – Lurking

Lurking is an award winning indie game created by four students at Digipen Institute of Technology Singapore. Students Justin Ng Guo Xion, Dexter Chng Shi Rong, Soo Zhong Min, and Bryan Teo An Ping have introduced a highly innovative mechanic with Lurking that may be changing the way we immerse into horror games.

Lurking is an audio based exploratory survival horror where the objective of the game is to escape an unknown facility and collect 8 audio logs left behind by a doctor whom conducted psychological experiments on rats and humans several years ago. The only problem is that things are only visible with sound. Is it really possible to keep seeing without attracting too much danger?

Being able to experiment with echolocation in this game really creates a unique and mind blowing experience for each player. The audio in the game environment is done incredibly well and will actually have you holding your breath in fear of making sound. The visual surroundings of the game were kept as minimal black, white, red, and yellow outlines which actually left some mystery into the surroundings and added to the overall experience of having to rely on your surroundings.

Unmedicated and Dysfunctional rates this game a 3.5/5 for innovation, crazy plot twist, and incredible atmosphere. Even though this game is relatively short (~30 minutes), we would have liked to see some sort of save feature for location. The game does automatically save audio logs, but you do restart at the beginning of the game in location if the game crashes or gets shut down. We thank this student team at Digipen for the great experience and for sparking a new stream of games like Perception. We look forward to their newest award winning game, Stifled, available in 2017 on steam.

Watch Unmedicated and Dysfunctional’s Lurking let’s play featuring Stardrop voice actor Aryn Rozelle!

15 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Reviews – Lurking

    1. Ha that was punny. 😛 yeah perception comes out later this year. This I think was developed and released for awards in 2014 but more recently available to public. So I’m not sure if this sparked inspiration fpr perception, but I can’t wait to play that as well and see if the mechanics are incorporated inthe same way. This team is also releasing a new game later this year thats the same style as Lurking that you can wishlist and demo now through steam.

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      1. I do want more. I’ve played it, but I want more people who have. The game I’m talking about is Void Pyramid. It’s free and weeeeeeird. Another game that’s pretty wacky is Ledoliel by this guy David Mondou-Labbe. They’re both dark and very different. 🙂 Enjoy

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      2. lol. I didn’t know it was marketed as a dating sim app. haha. When I first got it, it was a game about being a diplomat with aliens. You end up getting killed in all sorts of ways really because you’ve no idea how they will react to your gestures… unless you take notes. Yeah, I believe that’s the one. Look into the guy who made this game though, he’s definitely a unique person.

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