Dark Souls II Diary 03

When I first started keeping this journal, I mentioned how badly I wanted to like this game. Well folks, I’m pleased to report that I not only like Dark Souls II, I LOVE Dark Souls II. Maybe even a little too much – I pulled a few all-nighters last week and may or may not have lost a bunch of sleep…

This one is gonna be short and sweet. I have poured many hours of gameplay in by now and I still haven’t made any monumental progress. Or at least I don’t think I have…I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m still not 100% certain what I’m actually supposed to be doing or where I’m supposed to be going. I have been having a great time exploring anyway though, Drangleic is gorgeous! Gorgeous In a dark, gloomy, everything wants you to die and then bring you back to life so you can die again kind of way.

Heide’s Tower of Flame


I finally got brave enough to venture out of Majula and stumbled upon a new area called Heide’s Tower of Flame. At the end of that bridge you see in the picture was a massive knight of some sort who swung a sword hard enough to kill me…he killed me a lot. I wasn’t gonna call that guy my dad though, nope. I took down that Ogre at the beginning of the game, I can take this guy! Each death taught me something. I learned to dodge away from his sword thrusts and roll around him. I learned  exactly how long I had to swing my own sword at him before making myself vulnerable again. His attacks do quite a bit of damage and I had started to hollow away; my health bar getting smaller each time he sent me back to the bonfire. I treat each of my enemies in this game just like I’d treat a boss in any normal game, and I think that’s what I enjoy most about Dark Souls II combat. Each enemy is unique, and if you’re able to time your attacks just right, you can make pretty short work of just about anything you come across, thus preparing you for the next challenge that awaits you. At the same time, everything you fight is dangerous, so I take each encounter seriously

See how I made a few mistakes, but I allowed myself some distance between the big guy and I, healed myself and approached him a little more carefully. I sat down at the bonfire, got back up and I kept grinding away at this guy every time he came back. Finally I was ready for him!

Boom! Flawless right? Well…that was a great feeling until I went upstairs and found an even angrier version of the guy I just killed so many times. Thankfully I farmed enough souls from the first sword guy to make him disappear for good. What came next was absolutely bat shit crazy…I’ll save that for next time though.

A lot of people are apparently pretty good at this game and here I am patting myself on the back for learning how to kill a grunt. It still feels like an achievement every time though, and I guess that’s why I keep coming back.

As always,  thanks for letting me gloat. If anyone reading this is a Dark Souls pro and wants to shed some insight on what it is I should be aiming for here, I’d actually be more than happy to hear some thoughts about this game from someone else.


3 thoughts on “Dark Souls II Diary 03

  1. It’s tough going at first (especially DS2 which is even less clear about where to go), but it’s a hell of a game. Amazingly it’s the weakest in the series, so if you liked it then DS3 will blow you away. Then there’s Bloodborne…

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    1. I finally reached the Last Giant last night and frankly that fight was a big disappointment, but the work and careful planning it took to get me there has been a blast. I think I find comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one having a tough time staying alive! Bloodborne ….ugh, I honestly don’t think I will ever go back. I have some serious time invested in that game for how little I was able to accomplish in it, I even did the whole thing where I took my controller outside and stomped on it like an angry child haha. I’ve talked to some people that tell me it’s easier, and some will tell me DS3 is more casual and others will have completely opposite opinions, and I love that everyone has their own experiences with this series. Either way I’m just glad I can finally be apart of those conversations, I am thoroughly looking forward to DS3!

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      1. DS3 has something in common with Bloodborne thanks to it’s faster combat. If you’re finding DS2 more accessible whilst finding Bloodborne tough then you may struggle with DS3. I would recommend it all the same though, it’s a hell of a series!
        The Last Giant was a fairly plain boss really, but the lore of the character is really interesting. Most of the DS2 bosses really boil down to “big guy” or “big guy with sword” which is a bit of a shame considering how varied the original game’s bosses were, but there are some really well designed ones (no spoilers here!)

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